How Do Credit Repair Companies Fix Your Credit?

If you have ever wondered how do I fix my credit, then you are alone. Millions of people struggle with this issue on a daily basis. Your and everyone else’s worries are also not unwarranted. After all; a good credit score is essential for a secure financial future.

You need good credit to borrow money and apply for credit cards. Your credit score can also determine whether you get that apartment you wish to rent or secure a coveted membership to an exclusive club. Essentially, good credit can help you improve your life in many ways. You are unlikely to get even credit card approval without a good credit score. But bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

If you wish to improve your credit, you can hire professionals for the job. There are genuine credit repair companies you can work with to fix your credit.

Here’s how these companies fix your credit.

Remove Negative Items from your Credit Report

Your credit report is essentially a summary of your financial transactions involving loans, credit cards, payments, etc. Many factors on your credit report can impact your score. These can be loan payments, delayed or faulty payments, new credit application etc. But oftentimes; errors are also present in these reports, which can affect your credit score negatively. But these can be removed to fix your credit.

But the process is not easy. Fort Lauderdale credit repair companies take due steps to remove all negative items from your credit report and help you fix your credit.

Report Analysis

The first step to remove negative items is to identify these in your credit reports. A reputed credit company will analyze reports from all three credit bureaus and carefully make note of incorrect or negative items listed on them. These negative items can be inaccurate personal information, false information about late payments, or any outdated information.

It takes time to go through each item on the credit reports. Credit repair experts can identify items affecting your score even if those might seem correct or harmless to you.


Next, a credit repair company creates a strategy to dispute the incorrect items on your credit reports. A dedicated credit repair specialist will work with you and help you understand the process. Credit repair companies work in a transparent manner. You will be aware of their action plan and progress report about every deletion.


Once the action plan is set, your credit specialists will begin to dispute the errors. The work is done on all three credit bureau reports without delay. They will notify the credit bureaus of these errors and request their deletion with immediate effect.

Disputing takes time. Credit bureaus are not likely to accept deletion requests for each and every dispute at once. They are more likely to deny such requests. Without the expertise of credit repair specialists, it is extremely difficult to experience even a little bit of success with the credit bureaus. It requires relentless efforts to ensure each and every incorrect entry is deleted from all three of your credit reports.


You can begin to see the results of the dispute process within 30-45 days. As the inaccurate entries begin to get deleted from your credit reports, you will begin to notice an improvement in your score. The actual time for your score to improve may depend on the number of errors to be removed from your reports.

The type of errors can also impact the results. Some errors may be deleted with one request only. Others such as late payments, faulty payments (of credit card bills or loans), or any other major entry are examples that can delay the results. But you will see positive results. Irrespective of your score (even when it is very low), you will see good results with this proven method.

To Sum Up

Credit rebuilding is not a magical process. It takes time, effort, and expertise to rebuild credit via the dispute and deletion process. Credit repair companies use this effective method of improving your credit.The disputing and deletion method is a surefire way to fix your credit. If you use this method, you won’t need to wonder anymore about ‘how do I fix my credit.

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